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 What is Polished Concrete? 

      Polished concrete is a flooring option that has been growing rapidly over the past 20 years and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Whether it is a commercial or residential space, polished concrete is a versatile option that gives a very modern, industrial feel to the floor. The process of polishing concrete is similar to sanding anything else in the fact that we use sequentially finer grit diamond tools to achieve the proper refinement on the floor. When a concrete floor is placed, all of the rocks and stones that are in the mixture lay below a thin surface layer called the "cream" layer of the concrete. In the polishing process, we cut off that cream layer to expose the stone or "aggregate" below to give the floor a beautiful look similar to terrazzo floors. After the coarse grinding is done we continually refine the surface until the desired level of gloss is achieved. During this process, we also apply a chemical hardener, called a densifier, to the floor which penetrates deep into the concrete surface and makes the actual concrete stronger upon drying. Once we are finished with the grinding we apply our penetrating sealer that makes its way deep into the pores of the concrete. This sealer fills the pores of the concrete to help prevent future staining and provide for a tough and spill-resistant surface. We also have the option to custom color the concrete with our penetrating concrete dye. The penetrating dye makes its way deep into the pores of the concrete to give a translucent color that will not wear away and works perfectly in conjunction with a polished concrete floor. Custom logos and stencils can be applied as well to give your floor something really unique. Polished concrete is a durable and beautiful option but also the most eco-friendly as well. We are not installing any type of coating or covering that will end up in a landfill or being torn off the floor one day. This truly is a lifetime investment for the floor and can look just as good as it was the day of installation with proper care and maintenance. Polished concrete is a straight forward process but our staff is continually training and learning to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. These floors are handcrafted and require a high level of knowledge and attention to detail to ensure a great finish. We have put in the time and money to understand this process and give our customers a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.

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