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 What is Epoxy? 

     Epoxy is not a paint but it is a two-part product that contains a resin and a hardener. When we combine these two parts and the products fully cure they create a durable, stain and chemical resistant, easy to maintain surface.  Since this is a coating that we apply the color and pattern options to choose from are virtually endless. We offer a variety of solid color, flake, quartz, and metallic epoxy systems that are suitable for any space. Do you have a favorite sports team or business you want to promote? We can also install graphics in conjunction with these systems so you can show some team spirit in your man-cave or make your business really stand out from the rest. All of our systems are finished with a high-strength topcoat, which can be applied with either a high gloss or low gloss “matte” finish. There are many options to choose from but we are ready to work with you to understand your needs and come up with the best solution for your space.

Where Can Epoxy Be Installed? 


What Options Are Available? 

What Products We Use? 


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Solid Color


 A solid-color epoxy system is a great way to give your space a great clean look. These flooring systems not only look amazing but are also extremely durable in any setting. This is the perfect option to give your floor a fresh and seamless new look that will also be easy to maintain. All of our solid-color epoxy floors consist of a 3-coat system utilizing commercial-grade products manufactured by the leaders in the industry. We train and work hand in hand with these companies to be approved installers of the products that we install. What this means to our customer is a high-grade product being installed by authorized personnel to ensure a floor that will look beautiful and stand up to its routine use for our customers.  

Flake Broadcast


 Flake broadcast floors undergo a similar process to the solid color epoxy floors with the addition of applying decorative flakes to the epoxy basecoat while it is still wet. These flakes then get locked into the epoxy coating as it cures to achieve the desired look and texture we are going for. There is a wide range of flake colors to choose from, which are typically done in blends of multiple colors. There are many stock blends to choose from as well as the ability to order custom made blends for that truly one of a kind look. After the epoxy and flakes have cured we apply a high-strength, chemical resistant topcoat to lock in all of the flakes as well as add additional stain resistance to the floor. These floors are the coating of choice for garages, commercial spaces, and areas of high traffic. 

Quartz Broadcast


Quartz broadcast floors are installed in the same way as the flake broadcast floor except the "medium" or object being applied into the epoxy is decorative quartz sand instead of an epoxy flake. Additionally, 2 coats of the epoxy and quartz are applied before the final topcoat making this a 4-coat system altogether. Utilizing this decorative quartz makes the floor stronger as well as gives it a more textured and slip-resistant surface. These floors are installed where the highest abrasion and impact resistance is required. Common applications of this floor are found in a mechanic shop, warehouses with heavy forklift traffic, and industrial kitchens. Our products are also FDA approved to ensure compliance for our customers.  

3-D Metallics


 Metallic Epoxy floors are similar to a solid color epoxy except that instead of utilizing a solid-color pigment we use a metallic powder dispersed into a clear epoxy. This process allows us to achieve stunning floors that have the appearance of flow and movement. Multiple colors can be combined together and applied with various techniques to achieve some really jaw-dropping results. All colors and designs are mixed on site and no two floors are the same, making this look very unique. We can achieve looks similar to marble and granite or take more of a random approach. These floors having been growing in popularity in retail stores, salons, and in residential homes. Our final topcoat protects the beauty of the floor and gives amazing scratch and stain resistance in either high or low gloss finish.