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 What is the purpose of Concrete Preparation? 

      Proper concrete preparation is an integral part of all of our processes. If a concrete surface is not prepared correctly, anything that is installed on top runs the risk of failures and complications. Through our process of either shot blasting or diamond grinding with our specially designed, heavy-duty floor machines we achieve the required "CSP" or concrete surface profile that the floor must be at. What this means is that we are ensuring the surface is rough enough and the concrete pores are open enough so that the coating being installed really adheres with that concrete and creates a bond that will last. Our commercial-grade HEPA vacuums ensure that the dust and debris that will be caused are contained and will not contaminate the space or adjacent areas. Preparation is such a crucial part of any flooring project and is definitely not a place to cut corners. This process is how all of our flooring projects begin and we also offer services to our customers to prepare their floors for one of their processes. We turn them over a clean floor ready for whatever coating they will be installing. 

What Are The Surface Profile Levels? 

What Machines Do We Use? 


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