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 Who We Are 

     Concrete Dynamics is a veteran-owned business that is rooted in pride and customer satisfaction. We are excited for every project we get the opportunity to be on from large to small. Whether it is a 500 square foot residential garage or a 50,000 square foot commercial space, our crew puts in the same amount of effort and attention to detail to ensure an amazing end result. We love collaborating with our customers to understand the style they are looking to achieve and then turning that vision into a reality in their space. All of our floors are hand-crafted on site using various techniques and methods that we have learned and expanded upon over the last 10 years.We are continually keeping up with annual training to ensure we are utilizing the leading products and application procedures in the industry. This also ensures that we are aware of and adhering to any new safety regulations and guidelines that may arise. This training includes all employees so that all of our staff will have the same level of workmanship and cleanliness on the job. We truly believe that customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction, so we are always continuing to build a positive and connected work environment for our employees to produce the high level of excellence we expect on every job. At the end of the day we are not chasing a paycheck, we are just looking to walk off the job with a beautiful floor and a very satisfied customer.